The Leader in Vendor Management Software (VMS) is Avontis' proprietary vendor and workforce management technology. It is the first system to provide 360º automation of the temporary workforce and critical data metrics. is a vendor neutral VMS platform designed to facilitate procurement and workforce management for organizations with high volume staffing requirements and geographically dispersed workforces.
VMS Platform Features

Full Cycle Labor Automation
Real Time Communication
Customizable MSP Platform
Centralized Support
Robust Reporting
- Daily client management dashboard
- Forecasting
- Proximity recruitment and order fulfillment
- Daily Rosters
- Time & Attendance
- Performance
- Safety Incident Tracking and Reporting
- HR Activities

Functionality Fundamentals

SCALABLE VMS SOFTWARE is built using Microsoft's. NET framework. This environment offers native performance enhancements by virtue of the fact that the. NET framework has a small footprint and is tightly integrated into the operating system and web server platforms. This higher level of integration offers increased reliably, as well as access to additional capabilities.

Supports the latest web technologies -- AJAX, CSS, XML, etc.
All of the components offer native 64-bit support, which allows access to an expanded memory pool - increasing performance and reliably at the same time.


By presenting each user with all of the information required to do their jobs, removes distractions unnecessary functionality, and data that provides no value.
Each user has the ability to hide / show widgets on pages, expand / collapse the widgets, add fields to and remove fields from lists, change list sort orders, and apply and save filters.
All of these tools further allow each user to see only those components that provide value to them, which decreases their time spent and increases their productivity
"Hover-over" user tips into fields, links and pages throughout the application address user questions before they become issues.


Workforce.NET streamlines the prescreening and application processes, further reducing the "keyboard-time" time required for each guest. One of the biggest advantages of the. NET framework is that we are able to create smaller, lighter-weight web pages, which reduces wait-time in between clicks (page loads). This keeps the guest more engaged during the process by avoiding the spinning "please wait ..." icon, and helps them get through the information-gathering steps in less time.

In addition, the Interview Wizard offers interview queue management, in-line editing, informational "pop-ups" and more to reduce the wait times for guests in the office.

DYNAMIC WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT REPORTING integrates with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to present information graphically, in real-time, as a "widget" on a dashboard for specific types of users, including recruiters, onsite managers, and your line managers,

SSRS has built-in drill-down / drill-up functionality. Reports are initially presented at a summary level, but users can drill down into the summary, to access the underlying detail data, giving them the opportunity to review and address the source of anomalies in the summary quickly and easily.


With the "dashboard" mechanism, metrics are more readily available, and easier to read and use. With the technologies in Workforce.NET, information can be presented in myriad ways throughout the application, not just on the dashboard. You can view charts and data wherever it is most meaningful.

Summary-level information includes all agencies and guests being managed. Below the summary level, grouping or sorting "by Agency" is as easy to do as grouping or sorting by Shift or by Manager.