Edge Recruitment Advantage

Integrity Staffing's proprietary EDGE recruitment system is designed specifically to handle high-volume recruitment programs. Utilizing the EDGE system, a typical recruitment office can effectively manage up to 350 applicants per day. The Edge is a paperless application process that we combine with a unified office theme and associate and employee workflow "Wizards," to create an intuitive, easy-to-follow process that is broken into four key sections incorporating 5S principles. We designed this process to create a world-class applicant experience that delivers quality candidates.
The Edge Process 

Welcome: All applicants are greeted and given a "tour" of the process to ensure they have all of the critical information and are eligible to begin the application process/
Pre-screening: Applicants move to the pre-screening area and are guided through the pre-screening wizard in which they answer questions that show they meet basic job criteria.
Skills test: Applicants then move to the testing area where they complete a timed skills test showing their ability to read and understand English and match complex name and number sequences in a timed environment.
Application: After passing the skills test, candidates move to the final application area where they answer detailed questions about their preferences and provide written answers to key behavior-related questions.
Interview: In the final step in the process, candidates meet with a recruiter who takes them through a system-generated Interview wizard. All applicants are asked the same questions in the same sequence, and recruiters must complete each stage to move through the process. If a candidate is qualified, they can then be scheduled for a position or scheduled to meet with the client for a final interview. All information is tracked through Integrity's proprietary WORKFORCE system.