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Vendor on Premise & Strategic Workforce Management Case Studies

Case Study 1: Process & Technology Yield Control & 25% Cost Reduction


A distribution center was experiencing record setting growth. In an attempt to accelerate hiring for temporary workers and gain greater control over their talent supply chain, this company expanded its list of approved staffing vendors to more than 15 firms.
However, the company had multiple warehouse facilities in different states and was having difficulty standardizing best practices for its warehouse facilities due to the process variances of the multiple staffing vendors.

After a thorough needs assessment, Avontis proposed a strategy focusing on automation and streamlined processes that made a positive impact on recruitment, selection, retention, productivity and safety.
To improve quality and control, the distribution center chose to implement the Avontis Vendor-on-Premise model and online workforce management solution.
In the implementation page, Avontis:

The Avontis VOP Model:
Consolidated vendors
Processed staffing requisitions
Implemented local recruiting strategies and managed subvendors
Ensured fulfillment of daily staffing needs
Created a custom orientation and onboarding process
Provided Site specific safety program management
Provided Associate coaching and counseling
Tracked daily performance metrics
Provided Co-employment training and management

Through a combination of smart processes, selection enhancement, effective associate management and safety programs, the Avontis Solution resulted in a per-unit cost savings of 7.5% within the first 6 months of project implementation.
Avontis also achieved a 100% decrease in recordable safety incidents involving temporary associates as well as ZERO lost time injuries. On average, attrition was reduced over 40% at each location and order fill rates in our first year were at 100% across all locations.

Case Study 2: Localized Recruiting & Centralized Control Save $750K


One of the nation's largest suppliers of energy services was not receiving any substantial reporting or data analysis from their incumbent staffing vendors. 30 vendors were providing services to 7 locations. Despite being marginally satisfied, departments and locations were reluctant to break established relationships and change over to a new staffing vendor.
Avontis conducted an initial needs assessment and discovered that:

The company was using staffing firms to fill a wide range of job codes and skill sets.
No cost controls were in place.
The staffing requisition process was unsophisticated and lacked a true focus on understanding, measuring and solving productivity and cost management initiatives.
The use of such a large number of vendors was resulting in excess time spent in billing & reporting.
The current model provided no way to understand usage trends.

Avontis recommended an onsite recruitment center at each location with two key managers for associate management. We also recommended a comprehensive testing program for each job set and a behavioral interview model. To consolidate billing, reporting and ordering, we also suggested implementation of our workforce management system. This entire solution was implemented in less than 30 days.

By implementing a more intelligent approach to local recruiting and using technology to centralize workforce management intelligence, Avontis was able to:

Reduce staffing costs by 10.5% in the first year for a savings of more than $750,000
Reduce time-to-hire by 4 days.
Reduce turnover by 30%.
Increase attendance in call centers by 10%.