A Comprehensive Approach to Workforce Management


The Passport phase ensures that your firm has clearly defined, measurable and realistic performance objectives.

Review your organization's current business situation
Define workforce management goals
Identify challenges and barriers to success
Determine performance metrics - e.g., cost containment,
productivity, compliance, diversity, etc.
Set SLAs
- e.g., time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, fill/falloff percentages, quality /
performance, invoicing and reporting requirements

Phase Two: ROADMAP

The Roadmap phase creates a comprehensive and cohesive plan for workforce management across your enterprise. It serves as the blueprint for execution.

Proactive workforce planning
- Forecast hiring & training needs
Strategic recruiting
- Create comprehensive talent sourcing plans for high-volume staffing requirements
Talent assessment process
- Determine testing and assessment methods and setting minimum standards
Performance management systems
- Determine how performance will be measured and monitored

Phase Three: GPS

The GPS phase is the heart of the Avontis MSP experience. Our highly experienced onsite managers implement your workforce plan, monitor performance with real time data, provide the expert daily supervision needed to ensure success.

Train internal staff
- On systems and procedures for talent selection and management
Workforce development
- Implement Avontis proprietary VMS tools
Workforce.net technology
- Testing and assessment methods and setting minimum standards
- Develop methods for monitoring and recording performance metrics
Service delivery
- Deploy onsite program managers (set-up VOPs)
- Implement recruiting and on-boarding systems
- Deliver training and coaching
Performance metrics tracking

Phase Four: The Guardian

The Guardian phase is our quality assurance system. Through in-depth, daily performance monitoring, we are able to spot issues before they become problems and make adjustments to optimize performance.

Evaluate actual performance metrics versus targets
Process improvement
- Daily, weekly and monthly adjustments to plans
Annual opportunities assessment
- Annual review of Avontis performance

Workforce Management Strategy
Enhances the employer's image and candidate experience
Provides a more creative (and aggressive) approach to local recruiting
- Multi-media campaigns (print, TV, radio, online)
- Unique web-based landing pages for each local facility
- Interactive live chat to ensure a positive candidate experience
Takes paper out of the process
Creates a user friendly application process

Incorporates automated, consistent and secure skills testing
Provides a thorough orientation to new employees
Real time analytics
- Benchmark recruiting performance
Comprehensive risk management and safety programs
Incentive plans to engage associates, ensure positive morale, and enhance productivity
100% guaranteed results