Strategic Workforce Management. Best in Class VMS Software.

At Avontis Group, we serve distribution facilities. Large, high-volume facilities with complex staffing requirements. We enable our clients to maximize productivity and profitability by providing workforce management expertise, advanced VMS technology, innovative recruiting and retention strategies, and real-time performance management of their full-time and contingent employees.
Avontis Facts

Founded by Todd Bavol and Sean Montgomery, proven leaders in the contingent staffing industry who created Integrity Staffing, a $130 million industrial and professional staffing firm headquartered in Wilmington, DE.
Five years after its inception, Integrity Staffing was ranked as the second fastest growing private company in America by Inc magazine and the fastest growing employment and human resource consulting agency in North America.
Developers of, a vendor neutral VMS platform offering 360º automation of the temporary workforce.

Avontis Value Proposition

We provide the knowledge, tools and resources that enable employers to contain labor costs and efficiently monitor and measure worker performance. We establish proactive planning of staffing requirements, ensure compliance and improve safety to allow businesses to realize a greater return on their investments in human capital.

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